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Indian Woman

A Company owned by
Kudumbashree Neighbourhood Groups

A Social Enterprise to
Support Rural Women of Kerala

Achieve Poverty Reduction through strengthening and empowering women. The company gives comprehensive support to Micro Enterprises in accessing external markets through a package of services that could include technical assistance, a credit arrangement, raw material supply, standardization, certification, quality control, packaging, branding, and marketing.


Marari Marketing Ltd is a public limited company owned by Kudumbashree Neighbourhood Groups under the SGSY Special project MEDICOM. MEDICOM is a holistic programme for poverty reduction through strengthening and empowering women.

​The company manufactures and markets umbrella and food products under the brand name 'MAARI'. 

Dr T M Thomas Issac

Our Patron

Dr T.M.Thomas Isaac, Former Finance Minister of Kerala

Dr T.M.Thomas Isaac was moved by the miserable poverty level among the thickly populated people of the Mararikulam area. As the local MLA of Mararikulam Constituency, he organized a Convention of Experts, Technocrats, Academicians, Social Activists and Politicians without any partisan politics to explore ways to mitigate the poverty of the people at large.

MEDICOM Project is the result of the efforts of all the brains that worked together at the Convention. Since its formation, he continues to be at the helm of advising and in the well-running of Marari Marketing Ltd. Truly, he is de facto the founder and the patron of the Company.

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